Geoffrey Blum is a California writer who triumphantly merges high culture and pop art. He is a leading authority on Disney cartoonist Carl Barks and has probably published more about that legendary artist than anyone else. For fifteen years he was Associate Editor at Another Rainbow Publishing, where he penned comic-book scripts and helped compile two editions of the Carl Barks Library, a mammoth collection of comics, history, interviews, animation art, and biography. Non-Disney work includes reviews, poetry, criticism--and the occasional short-lived attempt at a novel. As long as he's writing, he's happy.

Currently he is directing a new, deluxe Barks edition for Egmont, Disney's publisher in Copenhagen--which means not only fresh research and scads more articles, but design, illustration, and coordinating with fans and editors around the world. The thirty volumes are nearly complete. Since 2001 he has also been scripting Uncle Scrooge comics for Egmont. His goal there is to keep the Barks style but pull the ducks and their brand of satire firmly into the new millennium. "World Wide Witch," his first original story, was hailed by readers because it brought the Internet into comics that traditionally had been grounded in the 1950s. It also brought in goddess worship and paganism and caused a furore in the Disney chat rooms. As long as he's pushing the envelope, he's happy.

Geoff makes his home in the San Francisco area, along with an eighty-pound Doberman named Lewis and more books and CDs than is decent. The DVDs also are getting out of hand. His Edwardian childhood, lapsed doctorate, and brief but appalling career as a tech writer now feel comfortably distant. He claims it would take an earthquake to dislodge him.

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